Can peanut stew be this popular??

Mar 21, 2024
Can peanut stew be this popular??

The new Peanut Stew at Gobelo is a hit.. who knew! It’s mouth watering, it’s flavourful, it’s just YUMMM.

Our mouthwatering stew has been a popular addition to the traditional dinner menu. We thought at first, it would only appeal to our vegetarian guests, but to our surprise, EVERYONE seems to be loving this savoury new dish.

Our signature Peanut Stew blends fresh greens with the rich earthy essence of peanuts and farm fresh herbs slowly simmered in a rich cream sauce. But wait, there's more to this stew than meets the eye.. (or should we say, the palate). Not only is it incredibly tasty, it's also a nutritional powerhouse, packed with protein, iron and an abundance of vitamins and minerals from our fresh, hand-picked organic farm. This stew is not just DELICIOUS.. it's good for you!


Whether you're a die-hard meat lover, a veggie enthusiast or somewhere in between, Gobelo’s Peanut Stew has got you covered.. And it’ll likely be even more popular on those chilly evenings (June through August) when a warm savory plate of Peanut Stew will warm the soul.

So next time you find yourself in Hwange, treat yourself to a bowl of Hwange’s newest, most popular dish.. our famous Peanut Stew. It'll have you coming back for more.. And more.. And more. See you at the table! 




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