Dancing under the stars with Gwango

Mar 14, 2024
Dancing under the stars with Gwango

Have you ever dreamed of dancing under the stars, cloaked in the mystic shadows of wild trees and the hypnotic sounds of ancient drums? Well, dream no more. At Gwango this is our reality .. lively nights with sand between our toes, a cold drink in your hand, the aroma of traditional food and smiles.. lots of smiles and laughter..

It all starts with a feast, thoughtfully prepared by our talented Gobelo team, from the farm to the table.. every detail is about creating an authentic experience for you to savor. While you dine, you might hear the soft sound of a drum beating from the nearby bonfire area (just off to the side of the restaurant). The team is now busy.. they’re heating the faces of the well worn drums in preparation for the evening’s performance.

Soon.. the drumbeat grows louder, signaling the start of the DANCE. You'll head over to the dance enclosure (where the magic happens). But here's the catch: at Gwango, there are only two rules - you can't refuse to dance, and …well.. you guessed it.. repeat rule 1.



A sense of truly unrestrained liberty comes over you here - because at Gwango.. no one will judge. We are all one.. one tribe.. one rhythm.. one humanity! The night is alive now.. as we gyrate and feel the ancient spirits of our ancestors rise up from within and we connect under the African sky!



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