Safari Seasons & Weather

If you're visiting us in Hwange..
The climate in Hwange is generally mild to warm with the warmest months in September to March. May to August are the coolest months. The peak-season for Zimbabwe's safari industry is May-December, but during the green season (December-May), Hwange National Park also provides memorable safaris experiences. Game might be a little harder to spot, but the forest is stunning and green, providing a botanical experience like no other time of the year.

Dry Season
April - October (winter)

Wet Season
November - March (summer)

The dry season brings fine, fair weather. April is usually the end of the wet season with reduced rain. The nights and early mornings become cool. May through August are the coldest months with dryness increasing all winter long.

Daytime temperatures are around 26°C/79°F, but it gets very cold at night with average temperatures of around 7°C/40°F. Pack warm winter clothing for early morning game drives. We begin to see first rains in later October. This brings new vegetation and warmer daytime temperatures of over 32°C/90°F. Morning game drives are less cold. October is the hottest month.

The wet season consists of showers in the afternoon followed by clear, sunny skies, although it is rare for it to rain every day.  Temperatures average around 32°C/90°F in November. December through February are the wettest months with rain most days, but rarely lasting the whole day. We usually experience afternoon showers, followed by hours of sunshine.

Daytime temperatures average 29°C/84°F while night and early morning average 18°C/64°F.  The wet season slowly comes to an end in March when temperatures average between 30°C/86°F and 16°C/61°F.


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