Why your next safari should be in Hwange

Aug 01, 2014
Why your next safari should be in Hwange

With a vast array of affordable and unique destinations, Hwange offers a safari experience second to none!  Here just a few of the reasons why your next safari should be in Hwange..  


#1 Hospitality
Hwange offers a range of places to stay, including lodges, hotels, and campsites.  Gwango accommodations include the high-end Gwango Elephant Lodge - for the most selective traveler looking to enjoy an authentic luxury safari. We also offer Bush Tents and a Campsite for our adventurous guests who dream of sleeping around a fire at night in a tent.

All of our accommodations are situated just outside Hwange National Park, the perfect place to stay on a safari trip to Zimbabwe, with picturesque views, exhilarating activities, and unspoiled wilderness.




Zimbabwean hospitality stands apart due to its world-renowned guides, a tribute to our country being the birth place of the safari travel industry.  Guides undergo rigorous training and testing.  They pay personal attention to each guest while on safari.  They are also knowledgeable and passionate about conservation.


#2 Wildlife


In Hwange, you’ll get to view wildlife in stunning, unfenced and uncrowded areas. Guests can expect a rich array of up-close game viewing experiences while on safari - without hoards of tourists. The lush vegetation, moderate climate and abundant water sources in our area make it the ideal place for wildlife, including the big 5 - elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo.

Zimbabwe is also world famous as a birding destination, and Hwange boasts some of the highest concentrations of birds on the planet. Here you really do feel as if you have escaped to a remote and unscathed wilderness, and you will certainly leave with a new appreciation for the grandeur of Zimbabwe.

#3 Access to Hwange National Park
Gwango borders Hwange National Park, a must-visit destination, and home to over 400 bird types and 107 species of mammals. The park is one of the few remaining elephant sanctuaries in Africa and is famous for its huge population of elephants, often seen in herds of up to 100.  Hwange National park is arguably Africa’s greatest natural habitat devoted to the protection and conservation of wildlife.

#4 Access to Victoria Falls
It is a well known fact that Victoria Falls is even more spectacular from the Zimbabwean side.  A destination in itself, Victoria Falls is within driving distance of Hwange and you can also easily combine a luxury safari at Gwango with a Victoria Falls day trip.




The splendor, power and magnitude of what natives call "Moyi-O-Tunya" or “the smoke that thunders” is quite literally mesmerizing! Here we can stop at various vantage points to marvel at Zimbabwe’s most beautiful natural wonder, casting its spray high into the glorious African sky. Victoria Falls also offers numerous craft shops, galleries and restaurants.


#5 Culture & Heritage
There is a growing interest in heritage and cultural tourism worldwide - and to say that the history of Zimbabwe is rich is an understatement. The abundance of ancient ethnic cultures and traditions make it a truly amazing place to experience.  

It's also well known that Zimbabweans have an intense pride and are some of the most welcoming people in the world.




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