Share a swimming pool with the elephants

Mar 07, 2024
Share a swimming pool with the elephants

In case you’ve not yet been here, we are sure you’ve heard that Gwango Heritage Resort has one of Hwange’s most unique must see spots in all of Hwange! It’s our second floor swimming pool, which we completed in August 2021. It’s situated above Gobelo Bar and overlooks the waterhole which is frequently visited by the elephant herds.










When you get ready to dip your toes in the splash pool here, expect a trunk or two to appear over the edge of the pool. Yes, even the elephants can’t resist dipping their trunks in the blue water! You see, our gentle giants have decided they’d rather sip from our swimming pool than their own nearby water hole (which is just five meters away). It’s quite a sight to see the little ones attempting to reach in too ..only to come short! They do eventually give up.. and scamper off to the cool shade of the water hole where they can splash about in the muddy waters. 



……Even the elephants know how to have a good time at Gwango.. Come and see!



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