You asked for self-catering

Feb 23, 2024
You asked for self-catering

Some exciting news coming out of Gwango. A stone throw away from Gwango Heritage Resort (literally 700 meters away), is a space which has over the years morphed from once being a high school STEM Camp for the Gwango Schools initiative, to (for a short time) the space where we housed the anti-poaching dog unit.  It’s a beautiful part of the forest close to Mpofu pan, where the trees grow tall and thick - and the lions roam. You will remember that Mpofu is the place of the legendary lion who once commanded a pride of 17 females. He was fierce and proudly protected his territory..

Okay… so this post is not about Mpofu!  It’s about something new.. For years our guests have asked for self-catering facilities. And for years, Gwango has said, NO... we are not a self-catering destination.  Well folks - that’s about to CHANGE…

In this magical space on the Gwango Estate, we are building our newest property, which has been named Gwango Kule Camp. Kule, is a Nambya word which means far.. our team at the other lodges started calling the place Kule many years ago, when they were being sent there on assignments. It’s the place where the water pump for the elephants drinking at Mpofu pan is housed… it’s the place where most of our construction gear was stored over the years as while we were hard at work building our other camps.. So Kule became a thing… a place far away where you were sent to do a thing…



Now… it’s no longer a place where we send our team members on errands. Kule is being transformed into a serene and enchanting wild camp where you’ll come to stay. Where you’ll spend evenings in the comfort of our new beautifully furnished self-catering Bungalows. The camp is perfect for families, self-drive adventurers, backpackers, overlanders as well as our corporate and incentive groups. 



Gwango Kule Camp will offer 8 private, self-catering Bungalows each with queen or twin beds, plus separate lounges that include sofa-beds, en-suite bathrooms and private full kitchenettes that have all you need to enjoy a little time away from home.

Enjoy your morning coffee on your own private outdoor dining table and end the day with a bbq/braai on your private veranda. The camp is easily accessible by road (no 4x4 vehicle is necessary), and the best part is that it’s less than 1km away from Gwango Heritage Resort where you can still enjoy the best of Gwango’s amenities, including our restaurant, pool and gift shop. You can also book game drives and other activities through our front office there.



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