Ranger leaves Gwango K9 Anti-Poaching

Nov 19, 2017
Ranger leaves Gwango K9 Anti-Poaching

Stopping in to visit the Gwango K9 Unit has become a big part of our daily routine.  You’ll recall that Husky and Coco, our German Shepherd dogs had a litter of 11 pups last year in June.  We’ve been grooming 7 of the dogs as part of a new K9 anti-poaching patrol unit.

Danny tends to want to open all the dog kennels so we can see all the dogs at once, rather than one at a time.  What follows is a frenzy as each dog rushes out to say hello.

Ranger, the runt, rather unfortunately couldn’t contend and got crushed by his stronger brothers.  His right shoulder is quite badly injured and we had to remove him from the Gwango K9 unit.


Ranger now keeps his dad company and is getting plenty of personalised attention (including potty training) with us.  We have his right front leg in a sling but he’s still remarkably active.  We are already seeing signs of recovery.



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