Rabbit breeding.. another project in the works!

Aug 01, 2017
Rabbit breeding.. another project in the works!

I'm always working on some sort of project - and with the birth of our puppies, I've been thinking a lot about how we'll feed them.

I looked into all sorts of things, and quickly became interested in rabbit breeding. But rabbits are the cutest creatures on the planet! Could we really breed rabbits for meat?

Rabbit meat is incredibly nutritious, and the reproduction rate high - which got me thinking.. What if we could successfully breed rabbits, then teach the GSI Schools in our area to do the same? Not only would we have a great meat source - but so would the schools. And as an added bonus, the students in our community would get to learn some general biology, genetics. They'd also learn record keeping etc.... this is all starting to make good sense.

So during our visit to the city, my brother Karl and I jumped on the back of an old pick up truck in Seke (near Harare) and went on a search for rabbits. 


It turned out to be a little more difficult to find rabbits than I had imagined.  Not everyone was willing to sell their rabbits - especially mature ones. We found a few villagers keeping rabbits and all in all, we brought home 2 bucks and 6 does! For their journey to Hwange, we loaded them up in an old wire cage and onto the back of the truck.  I'll share more on this soon...


Life is always such an adventure!



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