Moments Enjoyed from a Tree Top Villa

Dec 13, 2015
Moments Enjoyed from a Tree Top Villa

With elephants nearby, we watch the sun fade in astonishment as a massive buffalo herd makes a surprise arrival. Later in the night, we are woken by the impatient roar of lions.. then the piercing howl of a black backed jackal.



Daybreak is signaled by a wild sweet burst of melody... countless birds have found their way here for the green season! These are the moments enjoyed from your private deck in a Tree Top Villa at Gwango!



Whether traveling as a couple, with friends or a corporate group, Gwango offers everything you desire for an ultimate holiday.

Enjoy a wide array of accommodations - from the enchanting blend of luxury, rustic stone architecture and complete privacy at Gwango Elephant Lodge, to the relaxed and casual setting in the heart of the bush at Gwango Heritage Resort.

Booking is easy, simply visit our website at and click on the BOOK NOW button or send us an email.

As always.. a huge thanks for your continued support.. we can't wait to see you soon in Hwange!

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