Fireside tales

Jun 13, 2024
Fireside tales

As winter grips Gwango Heritage, the chill in the air might just fool you into thinking you've wandered into Europe rather than Africa. Guests have been bundling up as if preparing for an Arctic expedition, seeking warmth around our bush TV-the camp crackling fire. These evenings have become a hub of storytelling, where travelers from every corner of the globe exchange stories, whether it's their first taste of Africa or a seasoned return.

Earlier this week, during one such lively gathering, a guest decided to retire early. However, the presence of elephants near the campsite prompted a few of us to offer an escort and also in all honesty, we were all just interested in hearing the rest of the story she was about to leave us hanging with. As we ventured back, the sounds of rustling branches alerted us to their nearby presence. Moving cautiously forward, we spotted a mother elephant with her playful calf. Taking a moment to brief our guest, we prepared her for the unpredictable antics of the young one-they are known to be very mischievous.

Despite our reassurances, our guest's nerves got the better of her when the elephants trumpeted a greeting. In a comical turn of events, she dashed back towards the reception, undoubtedly breaking the world record for the fastest 100-meter sprint in flip-flops! Chuckling, we all swiftly followed, ensuring her safety and calming her nerves.

Fireside Tales

We eventually convinced her to continue, assuring her of our guidance. This time, she stayed composed and we safely reached the campsite without further incident. It was a night filled with laughter and a tale that will surely be retold around future firesides.

At Gwango, adventures are never predictable. Whether it's elephants at your doorstep or unexpected dashes through the bush, each night brings its own brand of excitement. So friends, no matter what wild encounters you come across on your adventures around the world, we look forward to hearing your hilarious stories around the Gwango campfire next time you visit.



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