A hutch for a pregnant doe

Oct 25, 2017
A hutch for a pregnant doe

In expectation of her litter, we have built Misty a rabbit hutch. The rabbits are now housed literally right outside the bedroom door of our loft.  The poor rabbits were panting from the heat in the yard outside, so we moved them upstairs.  This is a quick fix until we decide where they’ll stay permanently.

The hutch has been constructed from wood left over from our various carpentry projects at Gwango. The wire mesh, which we used to construct the many floors and walkways at Gwango also came in handy.  We’ve also added metal strips around the base of the hutch to keep the litter from falling out – and to keep our dogs from getting in.


On the right side of the hutch is a nesting box with a door that we can open – for easy access to the litter (I've got to be able to see the baby bunnies). The bottom of the hutch is all wire mesh, with gaps large enough for the droppings and urine to pass through to the tray beneath it.

We’ve placed some straw in the nesting box.  We are not absolutely certain when to expect the litter since the mating took place on different days and were not properly documented – but I believe we’re now ready.  Misty is settled in and seems happy with her new home.



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